Senator Feldman Bill Signing

Senator Feldman's Legislative History

During his time in the legislature, Brian has been the primary sponsor of numerous landmark pieces of legislation, including:

  • Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Act mandating that Maryland utilities secure 50% of their power from renewable energy sources by 2030
  • Legislation enshrining into Maryland law the protections of the Affordable Care Act, including those for pre-existing conditions.
  • Electric Service Reliability Act holding PEPCO and other utilities financial responsible for failing to provide reliable electric service
  • Medical Debt Protection Act placing sensible guardrails on hospital collection practices
  • Maryland Easy Enrollment Health Insurance Program establishing a First-in-the-Nation program that provides uninsured Marylanders with easy access to health insurance coverage by simply checking a box on their State income tax return
  • Maryland Metro/Transit Funding Act providing a new, permanent, dedicated funding stream for the DC Metro system the first time since its inception in 1967
  • Constitutional Amendment ensuring the Transportation Trust Fund cannot be raided for non-transportation purposes
  • Maryland ABLE Act allowing individuals with disabilities and their relatives to set up and fund tax-deferred accounts, similar to a 529 College Savings Plan account, without negatively impacting eligibility for Social Security and Medicaid
  • Biotechnology Investment Incentive Tax Credit Act allowing investors to recoup up to 50% of their investment in one of the state’s biotechnology start-ups through a state income tax credit