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Feb 25 2019
Md. health insurance 'down payment' improvement over ACA mandate

The Baltimore Sun February 20, 2019   As Washington politics continues to risk instability for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and health insurance markets, Maryland policy makers are working in a bipartisan manner in the best interests of the citizens of Maryland. The most... Read More >

Feb 25 2019
Maryland can stop overdoses by allowing safe consumption sites

February 20, 2019 It’s a radical idea in the fight against drug overdoses: Create facilities where people can go and openly use opioids under the supervision of a doctor or other medical professional. Great interest has been shown for such facilities in the United States, but the... Read More >

Feb 25 2019
Healthcare advocates support bill to establish health insurance down payment plan

Local | February 15, 2019 ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Major health care organizations have announced their support for legislation to establish a health insurance down payment plan in Maryland. In an effort to protect the Affordable Care Act, lawmakers in Annapolis and health... Read More >

Jan 29 2019
Maryland lawmakers want to open unemployment benefits to all federal workers

Maryland Democrats are moving forward with emergency legislation to allow federal employees forced to work without pay during a government shutdown to collect unemployment insurance in the state. Although a 35-day partial federal shutdown ended Friday, state... Read More >

Dec 07 2018
Md. Clean energy jobs act a priority in 2019

As we enter the 2019 legislative session, Maryland is poised to become a national hub for the new clean energy economy. By passing the proposed Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Act, or “MCEJA,” in 2019, Maryland will see tens of thousands of new jobs created and billions of dollars... Read More >

Nov 27 2018
Lawmakers Redoubling Effort to Pass Health Care Downpayment

Sen. Brian Feldman will introduce legislation to create a health insurance mandate in Maryland.  The health insurance mandate that Congress voted to eliminate last year may be returning to Maryland as part of a plan to provide people with private health coverage. A commission set... Read More >

Sep 19 2018
Bipartisanship saved Md.'s Obamacare exchange for now; here's what we need to do next

Today the Maryland Insurance Administration is holding what must count as a remarkable hearing. Officials will be hearing evidence about whether the two carriers on Maryland’s Affordable Care Act exchange should be allowed to lower their rates for 2019. Just months... Read More >

Jul 24 2018
District 39 Sen. Nancy King Named To Chair Powerful Committee in Annapolis

For the second time this week, a veteran woman legislator from Montgomery County has been tapped for a top position in the Maryland General Assembly. District 39 Sen. Nancy King was named Thursday to chair the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee—often regarded as that chamber’s... Read More >

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