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Feb 24 2020
Havre de Grace teen to testify on legislation to allow medical cannabis to be administered in schools

Connor Sheffield, a sophomore at Havre de Grace High School, is scheduled to testify in Annapolis this week during Maryland Senate and House of Delegates committee hearings on legislation that, if passed, would require state officials to develop guidelines so public school students can... Read More >

Feb 24 2020
Maryland Students With Severe Illnesses Must Go Off Campus To Take Medical Marijuana, A New Bill Could Change That

ANNAPOLIS (WJZ) — A new bill in Maryland is being backed by a teenager who said if it weren’t for medical marijuana, he wouldn’t be able to have a life outside of a hospital. Now, he needs his school to get on board too. Right now, kids with severe illnesses who rely... Read More >

Feb 14 2020
Hogan Clean Energy Plan Meets Skeptics in Senate

It was clear throughout the 2019 General Assembly session that Gov. Lawrence J. Hogan Jr. (R) wasn’t crazy about the Clean Energy Jobs Act, a massive piece of legislation to boost the state’s renewable energy mandates. Even though Hogan, in contrast to many national Republican... Read More >

Feb 03 2020
Sen Feldman (MD-15) Talks the Easy Enrollment Program & Shielding the Affordable Care Act

Senator Feldman breaks down the achievements of the Affordable Care Act in the state and tells us how Maryland is going even further with the Easy Enrollment Program beginning this year. <img alt="\&quot;\&quot;" data-cke-saved-src="\"... Read More >

Jan 29 2020
Need health insurance? Marylanders can now check a box on their income taxes to begin enrollment | COMMENTARY

Tax-filing season is here. It’s not usually a time to celebrate, but this year, there’s a new feature that thousands of state taxpayers may find beneficial. This tax season marks the beginning of the Maryland Easy Enrollment Health Insurance Program, thanks... Read More >

Jan 27 2020
Sen. Feldman: Bill would establish commission to study Maryland’s tax code

@BryanRenbaum Sen. Brian Feldman, D-Montgomery, introduced a bill that is scheduled for a hearing next week, which calls to establish a commission to study Maryland’s tax code and make recommendations about how to make it more practical for the 21st... Read More >

Jan 06 2020
Md. Activists Vow to Enshrine Obamacare Provisions Now Threatened by Courts

Supporters of the Affordable Care Act in Maryland said Thursday they were disappointed but not surprised by a federal appeals court’s ruling against the law a day earlier. They vowed to continue their efforts to enshrine as many of the ACA’s provisions into state law as they can, and... Read More >

May 23 2019
Half of Maryland’s electricity to come from renewable sources by 2030

By Ovetta Wiggins May 22 at 7:26 PM Maryland must get 50 percent of its electricity from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar by 2030 under a bill that will become law without Gov. Larry Hogan’s signature. Only the District and... Read More >

May 06 2019
If Larry Hogan wants to be a climate hero, he should sign the Clean Energy Jobs Act

By Kristin Cook and Mike Tidwell May 3 Kristin Cook is a leader with 350 Montgomery County. Mike Tidwell is director of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network. In the year 2030, people will buy homes differently in... Read More >

Mar 18 2019
Bill Would Allow Residents to File Taxes, Sign Up for Health Insurance at Same Time

March 14, 2019 A measure to encourage low-income Maryland residents to sign up for health insurance on their tax returns has been amended by a key committee. Under the amended bill, an uninsured Marylander can start the enrollment process by checking a box on their state income tax... Read More >

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