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Mar 08 2018

The Maryland House of Delegates gave tentative approval on Wednesday to a measure that would give the Washington, D.C.-area’s Metro system the first dedicated source of funding in its history. Paul Wiedefeld, Metro general manager The measure would give Metro $150 million... Read More >

Mar 02 2018
Children are killed for insurance money. Maryland is doing something about it.

IT IS easy — some would say criminally easy — to buy insurance on the life of a child. Only a few states have put in place any rules to guard against fraud and evil intent. Maryland may add its name to that group as the General Assembly appears poised to give final approval to... Read More >

Feb 28 2018
A Big Divergence Is Coming in Health Care Among States

 As the Trump administration chips away at Obamacare, some states are building it back up. Image A protester in Los Angeles last year. This year, political leaders in California are weighing options for replacing the individual health mandate that was eliminated by... Read More >

Feb 21 2018
Hopes run high for historic Metro deals in Maryland and Virginia, but crucial details remain unresolved

February 21, 2018 Corporate executives and union leaders. Chamber of commerce presidents and environmentalists. Civic leaders from both the Washington suburbs and Baltimore. All favored giving Metro more state money. The unanimity was a sign of the political momentum in Maryland,... Read More >

Feb 21 2018
Trump's latest effort to undermine the ACA makes Maryland action all the more crucial

February 20, 2018 If the Trump administration’s goal was to increase the ranks of the uninsured, it could scarcely have thought of a better policy than the one it announced Tuesday, in which it expands the short-term insurance plans that are exempt from Affordable Care... Read More >

Feb 21 2018
General Assembly weighs bill to require Marylanders to buy health insurance

February 20, 2018 Responding to the federal repeal of the individual mandate requiring everyone to have health insurance, Maryland lawmakers are considering legislation that would impose the requirement at the state level. “We need to find some way to stabilize the individual... Read More >

Feb 21 2018

February 15, 2018 Advocates for the Washington, D.C., region’s beleaguered transit system told a Maryland Senate panel Wednesday the opportunity to fix a decades-old funding flaw appears to be at hand, but they cautioned the moment may not last. Maryland Matters, a sentiment echoed... Read More >

Jan 24 2018
Maryland bill to terminate the parental rights of rapists clears a key hurdle in Senate

A bill that would allow women in Maryland who get pregnant as a result of rape to terminate the parental rights of their assailants passed a key Senate committee Tuesday. The measure has been introduced each year for the last decade but has foundered each time amid questions about... Read More >

Jan 17 2018
Derailment called a ‘red flag’ as Md. lawmakers debate funding for Metro

WASHINGTON — Monday morning’s derailment along Metro’s Red Line comes as regional lawmakers are discussing ways to pay for capital improvements for Metro, including the possibility of dedicated funding. In Maryland, Gov. Larry Hogan has said he is open to regional funding... Read More >

Jan 10 2018
With Obama’s federal mandate disappearing, Md. Democrats push ‘down payment’ plan

Two of Maryland’s Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday unveiled their answer to the federal rollback of Obamacare: a program that would charge a fee to residents who do not buy medical insurance and use the money as a “down payment” to enroll them in coverage from the state’s... Read More >

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