For District 15: Three incumbents, one challenger

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District 15 Senate

Brian Feldman (D) was appointed in September 2013 to his state Senate seat after the resignation of Robert Garagiola. We think he earned it, after 10-plus years in the House of Delegates. We are troubled by the number of legislators who have won their seats via appointment, and we think Maryland would be better served by requiring more open seats to be subject to special elections - but we can’t argue that Feldman isn’t deserving of his Senate seat. He has been a champion for Montgomery County biotech.

His opponent is Robin Ficker (R), who has fought tirelessly to limit county spending by proposing charter amendments. He’s also well known for a number of other things, including heckling at professional basketball games. He also has a colorful history as a county lawyer, including being suspended in 2007 for his carelessness in running his high-volume law practice.

For Feldman’s work for Montgomery County, he has won The Gazette’s endorsement.

District 15 House

Dels. Kathleen Dumais and Aruna Miller have been hard workers for District 15, in particular Dumais, who has distinguished herself in the area of family law. They have earned the Gazette endorsement.

David Fraser-Hidalgo (D) has served a single session in Annapolis, as he was appointed to fill the opening when Feldman became a senator. It’s little to go on how well he’d do for a full term.

Flynn Ficker (Robin Ficker’s son), Christine Thron and Ed Edmundson are the Republicans seeking a seat in District 15. Of Fraser-Hidalgo and the three Republicans, we were most impressed with Edmundson. For one, he has published positions on virtually everything; from consumer purchases of Tesla automobiles to tax credits for industrial hemp, he’s described how he thinks on an issue.

Plus, he’s a Republican that should find broad support in the Democrat-heavy district. Should Larry Hogan get elected, he said he wouldn’t support efforts to repeal the “rain tax.” That might not win him friends among his fellow members of the GOP, but it shows an independent streak that Montgomery residents will appreciate.

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